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Pressure is a privilege

Ryan Houston-Dial, Opinion Editor March 16, 2021

 During his Dallas Cowboys press conference after inking a massive four-year $160 million dollar contract, Dak Prescott said the phrase “pressure is a privilege” after reporters asked about Super...

Dak's My Quarterback

Dak’s My Quarterback

Ryan Houston-Dial, Assistant Opinion Editor September 15, 2020

Dak Prescott recently captured the hearts of many individuals when he opened up about his mental health struggles with interviewer Graham Bensinger. Prescott explained that he struggled with anxiety and...

Dallas signing Andy Dalton shouldn’t be seen as a threat to Dak Prescott

Dallas signing Andy Dalton shouldn’t be seen as a threat to Dak Prescott

Ryder Martin, Staff Writer May 22, 2020

Longtime Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback Andy Dalton’s first foray into free agency didn’t last very long. After being released by the Bengals after nine years with the team, Dalton was signed...

Illustration by Alex Hanks

NFL free agency opens with numerous big moves

Ryder Martin March 31, 2020

The lack of sports due to COVID-19 has really helped drive home just how unnatural the world feels right now. With the absence of all major sports leagues, the past week has felt very disconcerting...

Vikings shine in the spotline

Vikings shine in the spotline

Max Aguirre November 13, 2019

Week 10: Vikings Shine in the Spotline So much has been said about Kirk Cousins’ inability to win in prime time or against good teams. Cousin’s record against teams over .500 stood at 5-28 before...

Cowboys rout Eagles on Sunday Night Football

Cowboys rout Eagles on Sunday Night Football

Max Aguirre October 23, 2019

Last week, Philadelphia Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, guaranteed a win against the Cowboys. It looked like a strong possibility. The Cowboys had just lost to the New York Jets, of all teams, and the...

Cowboys Embarrassed by Winless Jets

Cowboys Embarrassed by Winless Jets

Max Aguirre October 16, 2019

At the beginning of last week, the Cowboys were favored to win in New York. The Jets were winless, and the Cowboys needed to get back on track. The situation seemed perfect: Dallas would get an easy win...

Graphic by Ethan Gullet

Cowboys underwhelm again, drop to 3-2

Max Aguirre October 9, 2019

Last week, I predicted the final score of the Cowboys-Packers game would be a 21-24 victory for the Cowboys. Dallas scored 24 points, but they did so in complete desperation after getting run over in the...

Photo Courtesy of Ethan Gullet

Cowboys deliver in DC

Max Aguirre September 18, 2019

Week 2: Cowboys Deliver in DC Once again, it looked like the Cowboys were going to stumble into trouble against an inferior divisional opponent. Dallas struggled in the first quarter. The offense...

Dak takes wheel for America’s team

Samantha Ceballos November 30, 2016

On Nov. 15, Cowboys officially made the announcement fans have been waiting for. Tony Romo will no longer be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. A significant amount of time has passed...

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