Dak takes wheel for America’s team

Samantha Ceballos

On Nov. 15, Cowboys officially made the announcement fans have been waiting for. Tony Romo will no longer be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

A significant amount of time has passed since Romo was injured at the beginning of the 2016 season, and fans are now rooting for the new sheriff in town, rookie Dak Prescott, who was named the new starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. In the press conference, Romo stated that “(Prescott) has earned the right to be (their) quarterback; as hard as that is for me to say, he has earned that right.”

After 13 years with the Cowboys, Romo is now taking the back seat as Dak drives the team in a positive direction. Romo’s first year (2006) as the head quarterback ended with 19 touchdowns in 16 weeks, and Dak is quickly catching up with 18 touchdowns in 11 weeks. Impressively, Dak has only thrown two interceptions his rookie season compared to Romo’s 13 interceptions in his first year.

Romo has been injured two years in a row, which has caused the team to suffer along with him. Last year’s four-quarterback run caused chaos; however, after a rocky start, a rhythm has been created in the 2016 season that has produced one heck of a year for the team and fans.

“Through it all, you have a tremendous amount of guilt on having let your teammates, fans and organization down,” Romo said.

“After all, they were depending on you to bring them a championship.”

So far so good this season, as the Cowboys (10-1) kept their winning streak alive by beating the Redskins on Thanksgiving along with their first win over the Ravens the Sunday prior. Hopefully after this, the Ravens will “nevermore” be an issue for the Boys, and the Thanksgiving tradition can keep true.

Expectations are high after this holiday win, but Dak and the team hold great promise. Dak has great ability, good precision and impressive confidence for a rookie.

Romo has shown to be a team player with great skills and power. It takes a strong leader to do what he did; he realized it was time for a change, and the best man for the job had finally appeared.

A good player swallows their pride and takes one for the team through injury, drama and hardship. A good team sticks together, supports each other and practices hard for any given situation. The Cowboys are doing all of these things and more through this media mania. Fresh-faced and ready to go, the Boys are on track for greatness. Fans are expecting the best from America’s team.