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A college of business professor wants a requirement of faculty senate approval.

College of business professor spearheads a resolution

Kimiya Factory February 13, 2019

John Weld, a professor in the College of Business (COB) at UTSA and a faculty senator, is spearheading a resolution requiring the university president and provost to consult the faculty senate before making...

No deadline has been set for the Plus-Minus Committee to make decision for grading consistency.

Plus-Minus committee deliberates decision on grading system

Joseph Torres February 6, 2019

The Faculty Senate and Student Government Association (SGA) established a Plus-Minus Committee to discuss the current form of the grading system. The committee includes undergraduate students, graduate...

Letter to the editor: Alternative Grading System

Letter to the editor: Alternative Grading System

Alex Sexton April 10, 2018

I am the primary author of both GA 111 and GA 112. I am writing to inform you that some of the assertions present in your article, “Faculty Senate Votes to Discuss Alternative Grading System,” are...

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