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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Feminism is equal rights

Feminism is equal rights

Briah Ramos, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

Many women advocate for equal rights. Yet when asked if they are a feminist, some deny or hesitate to answer. Feminism has divisive connotations; some people refrain from identifying as a feminist due...

Illustration by Emmanuelle Maher

Simping: The subtle art of misogyny

Joseph Torres, Managing Editor May 20, 2020

​Have you seen the term “simp” being used lately? I have, and I had no idea what it meant until a quick search online enlightened me with the latest Gen-Z lingo. “Simp” is actually an acronym...

Illustration by Ethan Gullett

Slyvia Plath with the ego of Madonna’

Paris Cantu, Staff Wirter January 21, 2020

During the rise of third-wave feminism, Elizabeth Wurtzel provided her unique voice that commanded attention with narcissistic “sad girl” tones. At age 27, Wurtzel published her first book, “Prozac...

Between the Lines: Women on Women

Between the Lines: Women on Women

Paris Cantu November 13, 2019

Beginning in the Jazz Age, Vanity Fair set the groundwork for a publication that would reign over the world of entertainment for a century. Their latest venture in anthologies, “Women on Women,” is...

Courtesy of the Paisano

Big Sis Advice #ChangeRapeCulture: Safe Spaces

Kimiya Factory September 4, 2019

Imagine someone crying actual tears to you about “the struggle” that is known as your existence. “They’re so sorry that you’re oppressed, and they could never understand what a day in your shoes...

Marchers hold up hand written protest signs.

I am not a feminist

Rudy Sanchez February 26, 2019

I am not a feminist. I support and advocate for gender equality in all areas of society. I support women’s reproductive rights to choose. I understand we live in a patriarchal society where people are...

Photo courtesy of Chase Otero/The Paisano

Profile: Meet Professor Sarah Montoya

Isaac Serna March 30, 2018

Practicality or design brought Professor Sarah Montoya back to UTSA, with one significant difference—she is behind the lectern. Her research ranges from feminism, cyber studies, and the LGBTQ community...

Suffragists during the early 19th century.
Courtesy of Creative Commons

‘Iron Jawed Angels’ inspires class

Emily Hubbard March 28, 2018

A few weeks ago my history professor, Jennifer Dilley, assigned her class to watch “Iron Jawed Angels” to tie in with our study of the suffrage movement. After watching the film I felt that as a woman...

Director of Texas Folklife Festival Jo Ann
Photo Courtesy of UTSA

Q&A: Jo Ann Andera

Katy Gilbert January 18, 2018

Jo Ann Andera will be inducted in the 2018 San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame class after nearly 50 years of work at the UTSA Institute of Texas Cultures, serving as director of the Texas Folklife Festival...

Empowerment through sisterhood

Empowerment through sisterhood

Danielle Throneberry June 4, 2016

Did you ever think that you would hear the words “sorority” and “feminist” in the same sentence? Does the combination of these words confuse your preconceived notion of what exactly a sorority...

Girls, dumb isn’t cute

October 11, 2015

The “pretty-but-dumb” female character stereotype has been overdone in movies, TV shows and books for years. From a young age, women are taught that, in order to be perceived as desirable and fit...

Separate views, equal women

April 14, 2015

The feminist movement has a long history with many interpretations. It’s a common misconception that feminism aims to make women the social equals of men. While this isn’t totally false, it’s...

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