Simping: The subtle art of misogyny


Illustration by Emmanuelle Maher

Joseph Torres, Managing Editor

​Have you seen the term “simp” being used lately? I have, and I had no idea what it meant until a quick search online enlightened me with the latest Gen-Z lingo. “Simp” is actually an acronym I don’t find very pleasant. According to Men’s Health, it stands for “Sucker Idealizing Mediocre Pussy.” 

Urban Dictionary has a few definitions for simp, but it refers to “a man with no game other than ‘Rolling out the Red Carpet’ for every female.” It sounds like an attempt to assassinate the character of nice guys. I’m not sure how others feel about this term, whether used as a joke or not, but I have some issues with it. 

 ​First, referring to someone as a “nice guy” is genuinely a compliment, given the alternative. The term imbues the courting spirit and refrains from demoralizing relationships with women altogether. Men who prioritize friendship or romance over physical intimacy deserve the utmost respect in my book. There is a tinge of elegance to the nice guy that should be reassuring for women everywhere. Simply put, nice guys are not trying to “get into women’s pants.” If this must fall into the realm of ridicule, then a question arises: Can women and men have relationships that are not based on sex? 

 Being a simp means doing nice things for women without a sex-based reward. Calling nice guys a simp inherently depicts the person using the term as misogynistic. To them, women are only good for one thing: sex. And doing nice things for women without obtaining this goal, or even without the intention of it, is pathetic. This is why using the term, even as a joke, is reckless. Acceptance of the derogation of women, implicitly or intentionally, sheds light on how men have disrespected women across centuries. While our culture, arguably, has improved on the respect it has for women, “simp” and terms like it diminish our progress. Our words today encourage our behavior tomorrow. Therefore, I do not condone degrading women into pleasure objects.

 I’m quite tired of the notion, “It’s only a joke,” and how it is supposed to negate potential harming effects. Have we no accountability for our words? Yet we claim accountability for our actions? Is this meant to cause confusion, or am I simply not accustomed to the times? If we allow ourselves to accept deplorable language at the expense of others, then what type of society are we encouraging? I for one would rather be accountable for my words and actions, to aim them toward something good, as opposed to ridiculing someone for having respect for women. Living in a world of trolling is not my idea of fun, and encouraging this behavior does not sit right with me. Using the term “simp” reinforces the idea that it is okay to bear zero responsibility while objectifying women. It’s shameful.