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Letter to the Editor: Gun-free zones are a lie

April 30, 2013

A “Gun Free Zone” is a lie. It is a lie propagated by those who are out of context with bad people, but nevertheless try to protect us with symbolic, feel-good efforts. A “Gun Free Zone,” supposed...

Gun control future remains uncertain

April 23, 2013

Will Tallent / The Paisano On April 17, the Senate failed to pass several comprehensive amendments that aimed to modify the current gun control policies.Reuters referred to the Senate...

Point-Counterpoint: Concealed handguns on college campuses

April 23, 2013

Guns on Campus can be a good thing --by Beth MarshallThe debate on whether guns should be allowed on college campuses is especially prominent in the wake of recent disasters and terrorist attacks in America....

Editorial: No need for concealed weapons on college campuses

April 16, 2013

On April 11, the Texas’ Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee voted seven to one to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons into college buildings and classrooms. The new bill,...

Texas high schools may implement gun education elective in high school

February 26, 2013

On Friday, Feb. 8, Texas Rep. James White (R-Woodville) and Cecil Bell, Jr. (R-Magnolia) filed HB 1142, a bill that would give school districts the option to provide a high school elective...

Letter to the Editor: What do we do with guns

January 15, 2013

After hearing about the campus shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, I was shocked and felt furious on the brutal killing of innocent children and adults. This was “America’s second-deadliest...

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