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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Paisano Poll: Halloween 2022

Marcela Montufar Soria and William Barnes November 4, 2022

Interviewers: Marcela Montufar Soria & William Barnes Videographer- Marcela Montufar Soria & William Barnes Video Editor- William Barnes Multimedia Editor- Kaitlyn Rosas Assistant Multimedia...

2022 Halloween horror releases

2022 Halloween horror releases

Malaki Lingg, Assistant Web and Social Editor October 25, 2022

With October comes Halloween, arguably one of the most fun and unique holidays celebrated in the West. During this time of year, a plethora of unique horror movies are released to set a spooky tone for...

Battle of the Holidays

Battle of the Holidays

Jacqeuline Cantu October 30, 2019

Aren’t October, November and December the greatest months of the year? When they roll around, we are gifted with holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas — each taking place one after the...

Trick-or-treating for all

Trick-or-treating for all

Christina Troy October 30, 2019

In the largely uncontested debate of whether or not college students should still trick-or-treat, with most on the side of “not,” students with disabilities aren’t considered. Last Halloween season,...

Graphic by Ethan Gullet

Spooky Reads

Kasandra Parker October 23, 2019

It’s the time of year for chills and thrills; the days are shorter, and the nights are longer. With all of the great scary reads out there, compiling a list is not easy, but here’s The Paisano’s...

I want candy

I want candy

Heather Montoya October 23, 2019

Halloween is like most holidays; it changes as you grow, from the activities you participate in, to the costumes you wear. However, there is one constant throughout one’s life for their Halloween experience:...

Halloween 2018 - Paisano Polls

Halloween 2018 – Paisano Polls

Kat Joseph, Maha Qadri, Kayla Burford, and Sam Flores November 15, 2018

Happy Halloween! Roadrunners share their best/worst costumes and argue for their favorite candies.   Host- Kat Joseph Videographers- Kayla Burford, Sam Flores, Maha Qadri Video editors-...

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Costumes in the closet

Seren Regalado September 6, 2018

To my peers: I have not been truly honest about my identity and who I am as a person. I have something that I have been hiding for fear of judgement from those I hold dear. I can no longer contain this...

Oh, the Humanities #9

Adriene Goodwin November 2, 2016

“One need not be a chamber to be haunted,/One need not be a house,” wrote American poet Emily Dickinson. “The brain has corridors surpassing/Material place.” Dickinson lived almost completely in...

Graphic by Tristan Ipock

Quit clowning around

Annette Barraza October 27, 2016

Stephen King thinks it is time to tone down the clown hysteria. As the writer of the book “It,” whose words crawled their way into a fear at best and a phobia at worst (later made into a movie that...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The only clowns we have to fear are ourselves

Ricardo Rodriguez October 27, 2016

It’s as if the world was suddenly plunged into a John Carpenter slasher film in what can only be described as the invasion of clowns. Recently, clowns have begun lurking in secluded places at night like...

Culture Box: Episode 3

Aidan Watson-Morris and Ricardo Rodriguez October 25, 2016

Aidan, Seth, and Ricardo talk about the 2014 horror film It Follows and give their recommendations for Halloween-themed books and movies. Enjoy!

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