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Embracing the whole message

Embracing the whole message

Jada Thomas, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

When people reminisce on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., several things come to mind: the bus boycotts, the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and...

Eliot Howard, interim director of the Student Leadership
“[The CRSJ is important because
students] recognize that their privilege
and opportunity as college students
… means that there is an opportunity
and a responsibility to learn about
being civic leaders and more engaged
in their communities.”

Participants reflect on CRSJ

Josh Peck, News Editor January 22, 2020

Students take a group picture at the
end of the MLK March.

San Antonio holds nation’s largest MLK march

Josh Peck, News Editor January 21, 2020

Hundreds of members of the UTSA community attended the largest annual MLK March in the country on Monday, Jan. 20. The march celebrates King’s life and the civil rights movement that he embodied. The...

Students participate in the MLK
March holding a UTSA banner.

Organization designs civil rights trip

Josh Peck, News Editor January 21, 2020

Over 40 UTSA students visited memorials, museums and other historical sites across several southern states this January to get hands-on education regarding the history of civil rights and social justice...

UTSA students carry a banner during the 31st annual San Antonio MLK March.
Courtesy of Alejandro Lopez/The Paisano

Marching On

Alejandro Lopez January 18, 2018

‘Runners participate in the 31st San Antonio MLK March   The city of San Antonio commemorated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by hosting its annual march on Monday. This year’s MLK...

MLK march 2018

paisano.online1 January 16, 2018

San Antonio's MLK march is among the largest in the nation. Check out some of the photos below. Photos courtesy of Kimiya Factory, Ryan Nobles and Tristan Simpson.

African American Studies Program students march with rowdy pride during the MLK march. Isaac Serna, The Paisano

Students march to honor MLK

Isaac Serna January 18, 2017

Among the sea of participants in San Antonio’s 30th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. march, Roadrunner orange brightened the streets. “We wore orange because we wanted to show that this is a UTSA community,”...

Tristan Ipock, The Paisano

Dr. Hill calls for activism: CNN political contributor discusses social justice

Jeremiah Hobbs January 18, 2017

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday brought knowledge and encouragement to the city of San Antonio. Distinguished Professor of African American Studies and CNN political contributor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill...

MLK Day forgets to remember America’s most successful socialist

Justice Lovin January 26, 2016

On Monday, we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I would argue that to some extent we did so in vain. The Dr. King we celebrate is but a shade of the man he was, the parts that are convenient; we remember...

San Antonio still has a Dream

January 20, 2015

Mia Cabello/ The Paisano San Antonio’s 28th Anniversary Commemorative Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March united tens of thousands of San Antonians under one common cause— a dream....

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