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What impeachment could mean for Democrats, and America

What impeachment could mean for Democrats, and America
Alex Hanks, Co Opinion Editor January 21, 2020

The disunity in the U.S.’s political arena is increasing — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has officially sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate, and the Senate has sworn an oath to be fair jurors. This...

Getting involved in your local democracy

Getting involved in your local democracy
October 16, 2019

Hey Roadrunners! Councilman Manny Peláez here, your District 8 representative. I am constantly in awe with the work being done by students at UTSA and universities across San Antonio. I can say with...

UTSA Football in jeopardy?

UTSA Football helmet
Jose Bouquett September 11, 2019

Nine years into UTSA football’s (1-1) history, it’s time to take stock of where they are. Through two games this year, most UTSA fans would say the Roadrunners have won the games that they are supposed...

UTSA’s 50th Anniversary Party

Kat Joseph June 8, 2019

  UTSA threw a cupcake party for students, faculty and staff on its 50th anniversary.   Videographer- Kat Joseph Video editor- Kat Joseph Multimedia Editor- Kat Joseph   Check...

Two sides to every story

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Kenyatta Battle October 10, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh is a misogynistic rapist who belongs in prison. Maybe. Brett Kavanaugh is a hero who was falsely accused and was rightfully selected as a Supreme Court Justice. Again, maybe. These statements...


Ethan Pham and Andrea Trejo November 29, 2017

Hangovers are undeniably the worst, but neither author of this piece has ever experienced a hangover. Most of us have probably seen those friends the next day, after a night of partying, looking like they...

Resist the binary

Graphic by Enrique Bonilla/The Paisano
Mauro Vasquez November 15, 2017

Computers are coded with binary sequences. In the mind of a central processing unit, you and I exist as a sequence of ones and zeros. To a certain extent, you too are coded. Our coding consists of many...

Wonderful things are coming

Leah Feneley October 25, 2017

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve stopped living life–I’m just trying to get to the next day, just living in the thought of tomorrow. I’m not living, but rather, I’m waiting. And I have a problem:...

Clothing optional

Vivian Gullien/The Paisano
Vivian Guillen October 25, 2017

Clothing optional. These words easily render any person insecure and modest. However recent growth of nude parks and communities throughout the United States opens up the need reevaluate. Even here in...

This is protest

Vigil held in Las Vegas to concert shooting victims. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Ben Shirani October 25, 2017

A few weeks after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, where over 50 people died at the hands of gun violence, The Paisano printed a front page article that included the following statement: “While some...

The horses of Harvey

providing exercising and a free range is crucial for the horses recovery. Mackenzie Dyer/The Paisano
Mackenzie Dyer October 19, 2017

Although media coverage has since moved on from the shocking destruction caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston, Texas, the city and its inhabitants continue to live with the aftermath. Flood waters...

Honestly unlearning jealousy and honestly relearning love

The polyamory flag consists of a top blue bar for openness and honesty among partners, a red middle bar for love and passion, a black bottom bar for solidarity of those who must hide polyamourous relationships and a gold pi symbol for the letter “p” representing emotional attachment to others. Photo Couresty of Wikipedia Commons
Enrique Bonilla October 19, 2017

Honesty: it’s a key factor in building and maintaining relationships, particularly the “ideal” romantic relationship many fantasize and mope over. It’s difficult to maintain honesty throughout...

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