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Illustration by Emmanuelle Maher

A(+) permanent solution

Editorial Board October 23, 2019

A uniform grading system across all departments in the form of a plus/minus system needs to be implemented at UTSA. Currently, each department can decide whether to use a plus/minus system or a whole-letter...

Faculty senate votes on plus/minus grading

Faculty senate votes on plus/minus grading

Joseph Torres October 23, 2019

UTSA’s Faculty Senate voted against the Joint Committee on Plus/Minus Grading’s (JPMC) recommendation of a “complete discontinuation of the plus/minus grading system at UTSA” on Oct. 17. The JPCM,...

Give the plus or minus system liberty or give it death

Give the plus or minus system liberty or give it death

Editorial Board February 6, 2019

UTSA should create a consistent grading system that is implemented throughout the university. The current plus/minus system can be helpful for some students, but detrimental to others. The plus/minus...

Members of the Student Government Association work in their office to draft memorandums. Photo Courtesy of Joseph Mabry

Current grading system detrimental to students, SGA says

Gaige Davila February 28, 2018

The UTSA Student Government Association passed a resolution, GA 111, during their Feb. 15 meeting asking UTSA to abandon the plus/minus grading system. Currently, UTSA faculty have the option to use the...

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