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MSA host poetry slam and open mic

MSA host poetry slam and open mic

Maha Qadri

February 20, 2019

The Lone Star Council (LSC) of Texas seeks to unite Muslim Student Associations (MSA) across Texas by hosting various state-wide events throughout the year. Last week, LSC debuted their first annual Poetry Slam, which was held on the UTSA campus. The event featured two rounds of competitive slamming...

Poetry slam encourages students to share their talent

The Poetry Slam Jam took place on a stage inside of the UC Ski Lodge. Samantha Ceballos, The Paisano

Samantha Ceballos

April 19, 2017

What is poetry? Is there a set definition for this art, or is that guy’s rap a poem? How about the girl venting about a serious issue? Poetry Slam Jam put the definition of poetry to test this past Thursday night as students came together to listen and exchange their own forms of the art. Poetry...