Poetry slam encourages students to share their talent


The Poetry Slam Jam took place on a stage inside of the UC Ski Lodge. Samantha Ceballos, The Paisano

Samantha Ceballos

What is poetry? Is there a set definition for this art, or is that guy’s rap a poem? How about the girl venting about a serious issue? Poetry Slam Jam put the definition of poetry to test this past Thursday night as students came together to listen and exchange their own forms of the art.

Poetry Slam Jam, held in the UC Ski Lodge, is the perfect way for students to get up on stage and share their poetic creations or the works of others. Decorated with faux candles and rules of the event, every table was filled with students and UC staff members ready to snap and clap for each performer.

There was no theme to this event — poems ranged from funny and light-hearted poems to serious and emotionally charged poems. The rules were simple: don’t go over five minutes, no foul language, no self-promotion.

The MC, freshman Hunter Carswell, was entertaining and kept the audience engaged. Many attendees were shy and needed a push to sign up. It was up to Carswell to encourage the crowd and get them hyped to share their stories. At one point, the MC asked the crowd to lift both of their arms in the air, then flex and say, “grrr get on the stage.”

Poets read from paper, journals and the always popular mobile phone. The laidback feel of the event was a comfort to nervous poets. The audience was accepting and encouraging.

There is no solid definition as to what poetry is. Poetry Slam Jam was Student Life’s way of getting people together to display their thoughts and talents with fellow poetry lovers. From raps to an emotional thanks to a roommate, the Poetry slam was a success. There was the adrenaline from the crowd, free snacks and UTSA swag.

The next Poetry Slam Jam will happen sometime in the coming semester. If you have time and want to see the talent that UTSA students have, keep your eyes peeled for the next slam.