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A Guide to Food Trucks Near UTSA

One Dollar Taco truck

Garry Leday

September 20, 2018

You’d be surprised at all of the great food options you have less than five minutes away from campus. From gyros to wings, burgers to barbeque, and of course, mouthwatering street tacos. You can find just about anything you’re craving without having to travel too far at almost any hour of the the d...

No meat November

No meat November

Enrique Bonilla

November 8, 2017

National vegan month: one month won’t kale you   November is known as the hairy no-shave november, national diabetes month and more recently National Native American Heritage month according to President Donald Trump. Lesser known is the fact that November is also national vegan month. For th...

Sangria on the Burg

Sangria on the Burg

Raquel E. Alonzo

December 17, 2016

from being a utsa student to opening one of sa’s newest up-and-coming restaurants Sangria on the Burg can be easily identified by its marquee sign. It had to be specially fabricated by a metal worker in Dallas. And although expensive, Ceasar Zepeda (local UTSA alumnus) feels it was worth it. “As far as this exact concept (for the restaurant), it kind of grew and changed over the years,” Zepeda sa...

Tacos: Food trucks vs. Restaurants

Tacos: Food trucks vs. Restaurants

Raquel Simon Calderon

October 4, 2016

Imagine your favorite taco place. Think of the smell of cilantro and grilled onions, so strong you can taste it, and the smoke rising off the hot grill from afar — but where are you? The taco places one chooses are commonly based on the authenticity, feel, flavor and (for many) the price. For s...