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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Tacos: Food trucks vs. Restaurants


    Imagine your favorite taco place. Think of the smell of cilantro and grilled onions, so strong you can taste it, and the smoke rising off the hot grill from afar — but where are you?

    The taco places one chooses are commonly based on the authenticity, feel, flavor and (for many) the price. For some, finding an original taco truck just like in Mexico is the only place to go. For others, the comfort of an establishment with the option to sit down to eat good food and have good conversation is best. Other times just trying to find something to eat that won’t leave you broke (looking at you, $1.99 bean and cheese taco) is the only thing that matters for some college students.

    Whether you prefer to sit inside or eat with some friends outside next to a truck here are some amazing taco places San Antonio has to offer:

    Taco trucks

    Ricky’s Tacos

    Behind a gas station on Hausman Rd, you can find this little taco truck where they sell some pretty authentic (and delicious) tacos. Their street tacos and quesadillas are the best. They have special deals on certain days, so take advantage of it! On Wednesdays, you get a free mini taco with your order of four! Disclaimer: They don’t seem to have a very concrete schedule, so don’t rely on them to be open at 8 p.m.

    Chela’s Tacos at The Block

    A very convenient location close to UTSA and a pretty extensive menu for a food truck, you can’t go wrong with this place. From street tacos, a crunchy cheese “shell” taco to a soft and harmonious cilantro-chicken, this taco truck has a wide variety of taco options to choose from. Recently, the truck  decided to diversify their menu and adapt some of their tacos into nacho form as well. Not to mention, it’s a well-known taco heaven amongst UTSA students. Ask friends which taco is their favorite if you’re unfamiliar with Chela’s — you’re sure to find a plethora of answers.


    Taco Palenque

    This stop is new to the UTSA area, open for only a couple of months, but is quickly winning customers. The major advantages of this place are the location (UTSA blvd and I-10), the hours (open 24 hours for those all-nighters) and breakfast tacos (served all day). They even have agua de horchata as a soda option in addition to a convenient drive-thru. Customers get access to a salsa bar amongst other things to personalize tacos. (Hint: You may also ask for a bag of totopos when you order from the drive thru).

    La Gloria

    This Mexican restaurant is located close to The Dominion and is an authentic place not only with their decorations and feel but with their menu. The tacos dorados verdes are delicious, crispy with soft chicken inside and a very well-made tomatillo salsa. The only issue with this place can be the price. With close to $6 for three, street-style tacos and a $5 charge for chips and salsa (borderline unheard of in San Antonio), this pick should be reserved for a special night out.

    The Compromise

    Taquitos West Avenue

    Although not technically a taco truck, this taco stop the reminiscent of a taco truck and definitely tastes like one. Located on West Avenue (about 15-20 min from UTSA) Taquitos West Ave serves traditional, authentic, greasy (the good kind) street tacos. They have carne asada, pastor, suadero, barbacoa and, the favorite, lengua (beef tongue), soft meat that is perfectly seasoned and will melt in your mouth. Parking there can be a little complicated, but, as UTSA students you know all about parking battles, and believe me, this one is worth it!