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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Sincerely Sara: Synching schedules

December 3, 2013

John Flores Making friends is one of the most rewarding things about the college experience. While you can look back at school and think of the tasks you undertook and the accomplishments...

Sincerely Sara: Winding down

November 19, 2013

John Flores With Thanksgiving and Christmas break approaching, many students are already daydreaming about holiday plans. Some have movies in mind while others look forward to catching...

Sincerely Sara: Sleeping in the Library

November 12, 2013

John Flores/ The Paisano At the start of my college career, I tried to spend as little time on campus as possible. I purposely took morning classes to avoid being at school past the...

Sincerely Sara: Is this a bad time?

November 5, 2013

John Flores College is a place of contradictions for some. This is the time and place to learn, but it is also the time to take on more responsibility, which could conflict with studying. We...

Sincerely Sara: Admitting You Love ABBA

October 29, 2013

John Flores While making a number of playlists on iTunes recently, I noticed that my taste in music is both embarrassing and amazing, depending on whom you ask. I assume most people...

Sincerely Sara: Keeping Ties

October 22, 2013

John Flores Going to school can be a trying practice that wears us down in a lot of ways. It also gives us the opportunity for experiences we may not get anywhere else. When it comes...

Sincerely Sara: In the Mood for Layers

October 15, 2013

John Flores It is in the month of October that I remember there are parts of the country where sweaters are worn on a daily basis. Although I always have issues getting used to wearing...

Sincerely Sara: What happens when your favorite TV show ends

October 8, 2013

Photo Credit: John Flores With AMC’s “Breaking Bad” now officially off the air, many viewers are wondering what’s to come next in the realm of defining television shows. With “Mad...

Sincerely Sara 10-1-13

October 1, 2013

Photo Credit: John Flores This summer, while giving myself a break from taking classes, I decided to reform my diet. I gave myself a very regular schedule. I stuck to specific eating habits...

Sincerely Sara 9-24-13

September 24, 2013

Photo Credit: Lindsay Smith I believe that having an individual identity is one of the key components to surviving life as a college student, as these are some of our most formative years. ...

Sincerely Sara 9-16-13

September 17, 2013

Photo Credit: Lindsay Smith We have barely entered the fourth week of school and I already feel it weighing down my fellow classmates and me. During a night of classic procrastination,...

Sincerely Sara 9-10-13

September 10, 2013

Photo Credit: Lindsay Smith Living in an apartment by myself for the first time has made me much more aware of my surroundings. With no one but myself to explore the various noises...

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