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Twenty-three days

Twenty-three days

Samantha Ceballos

January 10, 2018

Twenty-three days of break. UTSA students worked and studied for 16 weeks to get only 23 days to relax, recharge and regain the will to continue studying. When the first day of the new spring semester starts, some students will return saying the break wasn’t long enough. Most of us would agree. The fi...

Surviving the spring semester

Photo by Annette Barraza

Annette Barraza

January 12, 2017

College students are back at it again. If you have not had the pleasure of graduating, if you ailed to win the lottery, or could not come up with an idea to make you rich overnight, then you are probably drudging back to the grind of higher education. College is frustrating. It lures you in with the promise you ...