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The colors painted on campus

“Fiesta Dancers” by Luis Jimenez pose outside the Student Union.

Kaylee Benavides

February 20, 2019

The city of San Antonio is known for its large art presence. While the McNay may seem like the best place to experience priceless works of art, UTSA has a collection consisting of works by high caliber international artists such as Nicholas Krushenick, Mexican master Manuel Alvarez Bravo and praised San ...

Editorial: The monumental debate of erecting statues

Editorial: The monumental debate of erecting statues

Editorial staff

August 30, 2017

Overnight, the confederate statues at the University of Texas Austin disappeared from campus. In light of a wave of protests against memorials to the failed confederate state, citizens in cities across the nation are fighting to cast the spotlight of honor away from the United States’ dark history....