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STEM Research Grant

STEM Research Grant

October 30, 2019

Oh, the Humanities! #3

Adriene Goodwin

September 13, 2016

Is it a relief or a rankle to know that since her founding, America has struggled with the liberal arts? From our earliest days as a nation, we have pulled toward, and subsequently pushed away from the significance of an educatio...

UTSA STEM inches toward gender equality

April 28, 2015

A couple of months ago, the Great Minds in STEM program invited several UTSA students to serve as STEM captains at Highlands High School. The one-day volunteering entailed motivating students who are interested in STEM (Science, T...

The science of a law degree

April 14, 2015

Students majoring in STEM fields should consider attending law school rather than attending medical school or another graduate research program. A STEM background is an asset in the legal profession as all these skills t...