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Not all fees are bad

Illustration by Amber Chin

Editorial Board

November 6, 2019

UTSA will propose several student fee increases to the UT Board of Regents for Fall 2020, including a $3 increase for the Library Resource Charge and a $3.10 increase for the Medical Services Fee. While fee increases are historically unpopular among students, these fees are worth the extra dollars. For...

Fee proposals brought to a student vote

Between Feb. 6-7 students will vote on proposal to increase fees for athletics and transportation.
Courtesy of Gaige Davila/The Paisano

Gaige Davila

February 7, 2018

Change in fees relies upon student decision Students have the opportunity to vote on a proposed increase in athletics and transportation fees. On Feb. 6 and 7, voting will open on UTSA students’ RowdyLink accounts, where they can vote on each fee increase. The current athletics fee is $20 per s...