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Sugar Daddies & Mamas Part 1 – Paisano Polls

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Kat Joseph, Maha Qadri, Caleb Neasman, Jacob Canyon, Kayla Burford, and Jada Teague

October 7, 2018

Let's get scandalous!   Host- Kat Joseph Videographers - Maha Qadri, Jacob Canyon, Caleb Neasman, Kayla Burford Video editors - Kat Joseph, Maha Qadri On-site help from - Jada Teague Multimedia Editor - Kat Joseph   Read more about sugar daddies and sugar mamas here: Su...

Sugar, spice and everything nice

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Katrina Clements

September 27, 2018

The next career move: becoming a sugar baby The concept of sugar daddies and sugar mommas has existed for longer than we think. Women and men have dated or married into upper-class lifestyles for centuries. It wasn’t always coined as a sugar daddy or sugar momma situation; it just conveniently happ...