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Sugar, spice and everything nice

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The next career move: becoming a sugar baby

The concept of sugar daddies and sugar mommas has existed for longer than we think. Women and men have dated or married into upper-class lifestyles for centuries. It wasn’t always coined as a sugar daddy or sugar momma situation; it just conveniently happened that way. In the 20th century, the terms sugar daddy and sugar momma became more familiar. In recent years, it seems like everyone is curious about what it’s like to be a sugar baby.

The term sugar daddy was first coined in 1926, and according to Merriam Webster is “a well-to-do usually older man [or woman] who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend.” The typical sugar daddy or sugar momma exchange involves giving money, lavish gifts or experiences in return for sexual favors for a temporary period. 

However, there are sugar daddies and mommas who only desire a platonic relationship in exchange for the same luxury benefits. Junior, Ciara said, “My sugar daddy was really just an old friend, because I wasn’t for all that extra stuff. If you want somebody to talk to and you want to pay me for it, why not?” 

The familiarization with sugar daddies and sugar mommas has grown in recent years. These types of relationships have become more accessible with online dating sites designed for these special relationships. Seeking Arrangement, a popular sugar daddy and sugar momma dating website, sets all the parameters for these relationships. Seeking Arrangement claims to have over 10 million active members, 2 million sugar daddies and mommas to choose from and 8 million registered sugar babies. 

Seeking Arrangement has a website and a mobile app, making access convenient to all of its users. Similar to the common dating app Tinder, you can swipe left or right on people in your area. 

The member’s profiles include photos and a lengthy description of who they are and exactly what they are looking for in a sugar baby. Their net worth, annual income, personal habits and information are also listed. 

When creating a profile, every picture uploaded goes into review before it becomes public to avoid explicit or offensive images while looking through profiles. Some accounts are verified, and some are not. Sugar daddy or sugar momma dating apps and websites suggest users not to use their real names, as this type of online dating can be high-risk since money is involved.

 Each sugar daddy or sugar momma relationship is unique and each on different terms, just like normal relationships.

Some sugar babies receive weekly or monthly allowances in cash, and some receive expensive items like designer purses, shoes and clothing. Ciara described her sugar daddy exchanges as, “I got bills paid for, and I didn’t have to pay for gas for a whole semester. I didn’t ask for anything, he offered everything as a gift.”

A large number of sugar babies are college students looking to have some extra money to help them pay for personal or school expenses, so their sugar daddies or mommas are creating a way for them to live comfortably through their college experience, without money being a concern. 

“Sugar daddies or sugar mommas are like scholarships; it’s money you don’t have to worry about paying back. You don’t have to worry about food, room and board, transportation or bare necessities. You just have all this ‘scholarship’ money coming your way,” sophomore Tamiah said. 

Having a sugar daddy, or sugar momma, is becoming more accepted by younger generations, which have greater interest regarding the subject. We’re all curious to find ways to make extra money while balancing classes, extracurricular activities and jobs. 

When it comes to finding the perfect sugar daddy or sugar momma match, the process is the same as normal dating situations: trial and error. If considering a sugar daddy or momma, make sure to stay safe and let someone know where, when and who you are meeting in the case of a potentially dangerous situation.

These relationships can be fun and are a wonderful experience to many men and women, and can be on whatever terms you want with the right partner. In the words of freshman Jay, “Sugar mommas are good for you, don’t ever forget it.”

The Paisano purposefully removed the last names of those interviewed.

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