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Teacher’s pet: diving into teacher-student relationships

Teacher’s pet: diving into teacher-student relationships

Alex Hanks April 16, 2019

If you’ve ever seen the cliché MTV shows about high school and college life, odds are you have seen depictions of teacher-student relationships. Society has created a culture that fantasizes these relationships...

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Dear AJ: How to shoot your shot

Alejandro Lopez April 3, 2019

Hello everyone! It’s finally April and you know what that means? FIESTA. FIESTA. FIESTA. While the chicken on a stick, drinking, flower crown wearing and cumbia induced activities are fun to do, they...

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Big Sis: Spring Cleaning

Kimiya Factory March 27, 2019

The sun finally sets later, bees are back to chasing me for my Cantu hair products and heavy coats are no longer needed; springtime has officially arrived. For whatever reason, spring is accompanied...

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Dear AJ: Wrap your willy, A Discussion of STD’s and Healthy Relationships

Alejandro Lopez February 27, 2019

Hello readers! It seems like relationships have been a real hot topic to talk about, so, I’m going to continue for this post. Now, this week’s topic is going to be different and some people may...

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Big Sis: Social media & relationships

Kimiya Factory January 23, 2019

As Valentine’s Day approaches, along with the artificial flex of who got roses or taken out to dinner, an interesting and reoccuring conversation that I find prevalent in my life is the correlation between...

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Big Sis Advice: Going Ghost

Kimiya Factory October 18, 2018

Believe me, the pun is not intended for this week’s topic that happens to be in the month of October. Ghosting a person, or the act of declining phone calls, going “missing-inaction” and “not...

women wearing red lipstick and holding a pen

Big Sis Advice: Hard to get

Kimiya Factory October 10, 2018

We’ve talked about shooting your shot, but whether or not the person you’re trying to get will bite, is another story. Not everyone responds to attraction the same way, but that’s why I’m here...

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Sugar, spice and everything nice

Katrina Clements September 27, 2018

The next career move: becoming a sugar baby The concept of sugar daddies and sugar mommas has existed for longer than we think. Women and men have dated or married into upper-class lifestyles for centuries....

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Big Sis Advice: Jealousy

Kimiya Factory September 6, 2018

This week’s topic includes the deal breaker, the end-all-be-all of many relationships: jealousy. Whether you’re in a serious relationship, a situation-ship or just jealous of the girl who talks to...


Seeing the Signs: When to leave an abusive relationship

Gaige Davila March 30, 2018

One hundred forty-six women in Texas were killed by a former or current partner in 2016. One in three Texans will face domestic abuse in their lifetimes. Bexar County is the fourth deadliest county for...

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Relationship benefit the heart and the college career

Isaac Serna February 14, 2018

A healthy relationship can uplift and empower students to achieve their academic goals. In light of Valentine’s day, students should make the distinction between how their love-life can help their pursuits....

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Relationships & holidays

Kimiya Factory November 15, 2017

‘Tis the season for cheesy mistletoe kisses and witty photo captions about loving a significant other more than a turkey leg. Relationships and the pretense of relationships are at every corner when...

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