Dear AJ: Wrap your willy, A Discussion of STD’s and Healthy Relationships


Photo Credit: Andrew Salinas/@AK_4hoto7

Alejandro Lopez

Hello readers! It seems like relationships have been a real hot topic to talk about, so, I’m going to continue for this post.

Now, this week’s topic is going to be different and some people may feel uncomfortable talking about it, but I feel like this is a conversation that is needed.

Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs). A red flag automatically goes up and everyone starts to panic, but we shouldn’t be afraid to talk to our partner(s) about this issue.

An STD can be passed through some forms of sexual contact, bodily fluids and even using sex toys. There are plenty of ways to prevent contracting an STD such as: using male or female condoms, using dental dams, getting vaccinated, getting on medication like PrEP or Truvada, getting tested regularly and most importantly, communicating with your partner(s).

Bexar County recently released a report that discusses the staggering number of STDs reported in this area. It’s alarming how many people have an STD and are having unprotected sex.

Please, don’t be afraid to discuss your sexual history with your current partner. I can’t stress that enough. If you feel like you’re not comfortable talking about such things, or don’t trust your partner, then odds are that you aren’t ready to engage in sexual activity with them or shouldn’t be at all.

Being with someone that has had or currently has an STD is not the end of the world. If you really want to be with this individual, then their sexual history shouldn’t be the one thing to drive you away. If you aren’t comfortable with this fact, then please tell your partner. Communicating your concerns is better than holding them in. By having this conversation, you are allowing yourself to be honest with your partner and from there, that will determine where your relationship will go.

In order for a relationship to thrive, there must be trust, patience and honesty. A key factor to having a healthy sex positive relationship is honesty. Lying to someone about your history is not doing any good to you or your partner. You could unknowingly pass along an STD and it will continue to spread. That’s bad!!

When you want to engage in sexual activity, discuss what you are comfortable doing. If you want to use protection, then make that 100 percent clear. If you don’t want to use protection, please consider the risks that come with unprotected sex and get tested. I can’t tell you what to do, but what I can advise is to thoroughly think about your decisions.

If you believe you have had contact with someone that has an STD, get tested right away. There are plenty of clinics that will test for free or that will work with you if you do or do not have insurance.

If you have an STD, please see a medical professional. It’s okay to say that you have an STD. We’re only human, we make mistakes and we learn. It’s your job now to see how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by talking to a medical professional, getting tested regularly and being honest with your partner(s).

We are not shaming individuals with STDs in 2019. We are supporting them and making sure they get the assistance they need.

So please, my beautiful people, be safe and use protection, get tested regularly and be honest.

Until next week,