The distance between hearts

Laynie Clark, Opinion Editor

They say “love conquers all,” but is it possible for it to conquer distance? Being in a long-distance relationship is the true test of all things related to independence, trust and patience. It is a big adjustment going from seeing your person every day to having no idea when the next time you’ll lay eyes on them again; it takes a lot of trial and error. 

Every long-distance relationship must undergo a trial and error process, meaning finding what works best. For myself, consistent phone calls and communication, in general, are what give me small moments of happiness. Getting to hear my partner’s voice — even though it will never compare to hearing it in real life — brings a smile to my face every time and reminds me that the distance will be worth it when I finally reunite with them again. In addition to phone calls, sending each other pictures of small, mundane things is a fun way to keep one another involved throughout the day. By doing this, the distance will seem much smaller than it really is.

Kennedy Bustos, a staff writer at The Paisano, shares her insight on how to stay positive during times of distance and heartache, “It’s easier said than done, of course, but try not to dwell on the discomfort of being separated in the present. Instead, make plans for the future.” 

Staying focused on the distance is the quickest way to dig a deeper hole into sadness, while focusing on the beautiful moments in the future will be the biggest motivator. 

“Talk about adventures you’ll have when you’re once again reunited — the road trips you’ll take, the concerts you’ll attend, the meals you’ll enjoy together. Even the seemingly mundane memories will be even more special, so relish in the joy of knowing that your time with your partner will be even more incredible when you see them again,” Bustos said.

 Practicing this positive mindset is the key to keeping the relationship optimistic. Also, use this time to grow and develop individually because that will, in turn, strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

While long-distance relationships might be daunting — especially to those who are new to it — they are quite beautiful. This teaches you and your partner to appreciate every moment spent, words spoken and smiles exchanged while in person. Your relationship is not doomed; on the contrary, it is just getting started.