In Memoriam – Dominiq A. Castillo Porterfield


Photos Courtesy of Amy Lagasse


Dominiq was a junior in the Honors College at UTSA when he experienced a tragic accident and died while wake boarding on Sept. 3.

“I wanted to thank you for all the work you and others put into the UTSA Memorial Garden so that students will have an opportunity and place to remember classmates like Dominiq.

imageDominiq loved UTSA! Dominiq is from Virginia, so during his first semester at UTSA in 2014, I asked him how he liked it down there in Texas. He said, ‘I love it!’  I asked him if it was the city, the school, the people, the weather, the independence or the food that he liked so much. He responded that it was all of it.

A week before he died, I was congratulating him on completing week one of his junior year and asked him how it went. He texted back, ‘Super fun, I love school.’

He really did. Thank you to everyone at UTSA whether you were a classmate, friend, professor, advisor, teammate or roommate for being his home away from home. We wish you all the best!”

– Amy Lagasse

mother of Dominiq A. Castillo Porterfield