Results are in for record breaking SGA election


The newly elected SGA executive team. Photo courtesy of Mikel Moore

Diego Lopez

The students of UTSA have elected their next student body president and vice president along with several other key positions in the Student Government Association. Voting began on March 6 and continued through March 7. For the first time in UTSA history, seven students ran for the office of SGA president. The seven-way race led to a runoff election because no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote. On March 21 and March 22, students voted for their future president and vice president in the run-off election.

The runoff election results were given out on March 23. Roadrunners cast 994 votes in the runoff election via RowdyLink. In the election for president, Marcus Thomas received 58.7 percent of the vote, a total of 579 votes, finishing ahead of Terralyn Willburn who had 41.2 percent of the vote. In the vice presidential election, Brittany Garcia, junior pre-med, public health major won with 60.3 percent of the vote, beating Marcos Mullin who earned 39.7 percent of the vote.

Student Government Association President-Elect Marcus Thomas stated, “First off I would like to thank everyone for voting in the student government elections. Turn out exceeded nine percent. I would also like to thank all of those who ran for senatorial and executive board positions. Every single one of them believed in something bigger than themselves, and that is a core value of what it means to be a Roadrunner. My vice-president-elect and I look forward to committing ourselves to not only SGA but the UTSA community as a whole. Go ‘Runners!”

President-Elect Thomas is a junior economics major and sits as business chair for SGA. Thomas has been involved with the organization since his freshman year.

“Marcus has a work ethic that’s second to none, and our accomplishments reflect his commitment to SGA. His vision truly represents the core values of our organization,” said sophomore political science major, SGA member and one of the three candidates for the office of vice president Mikel Moore. “I believe our members share an ambitious outlook that reaffirms our commitment to shaping a university students can take pride in.”

“His tenure started under President Zack Dunn, and he has seen three administrations, making this the fourth. He brings experience and a steady hand to our campus. I truly believe that he will do great things with his team and his VP Elect, Brittany Garcia,” current SGA President Andrew Hubbard stated. Hubbard will continue as acting president until April 9.

The UTSA student body president serves as chief executive officer for SGA; advocates for the student body outside of UTSA at meetings with legislature, councilmen and the mayor; and speaks at public events on behalf of the university. The vice president serves as support to the president and student body.

Prior to the runoff election, the results for the treasurer and secretary races were announced. Montana Meeker, a sophomore finance major, was elected as secretary by the UTSA student body. Students also elected Mariah Crippen, a sophomore communication major, for the treasurer position.

President-Elect Thomas and the newly elected officers will participate in a transition retreat on April 1. On Thursday, April 13, the new administration will have their first SGA meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the UC Harris Room.