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With the school-spirited football season in full swing this fall semester, meeting people at UTSA is inevitable. Some of my best memories were made with people whose name I had to ask for multiple times at wild tailgates, and eventful after-parties, throughout my college experience. After vibing with a person for a few minutes on the dancefloor, it’s easy to get each other’s Snapchat or Twitter with a casual, “We need to link up again, this was great!” to follow. Before I knew it, I became a social butterfly and found myself befriending every kind soul that I met.

Needless to say, after a handful of “kind souls” I soon asked myself two things: first, what was the quality of the friendships I quickly formulated, and second, if the quantity of friends even mattered. It’s completely true that there are different friends for different things, but what about the friends that are there for everything?

I wish I had one juicy story about a friendship that went straight to hell so I could cast some serious shade at whomever hypothetically crossed me, but I don’t. I have a bunch of stories meshed into the silver lining of this thing I call a column. I’m not saying that having a lot of friends is a crime or anything, but what I am saying is that throughout the array of kind souls I’ve met at UTSA, a couple have stuck like glue. They made me look around at the quality of the people that I am blessed to have in my life.

It was the quality of the sweet, meek and quiet girl whose eyes water if she sees me cry. It was the quality of the guy with his make-up, beat to the Gods and kinky hair, who I met my freshman year that introduced me to retail therapy in times of chaos. It was the new girl on my debate team with purple hair, that rubbed my back on the plane because my ears hurt so bad. It was the girl who came to UTSA with me from high school, who listened to whatever tea I needed to spill throughout the years, even if she didn’t like the guy that it was about throughout the years. It is the guy that swept me off my feet, with his brown eyes that distract me when they catch even a sliver of light from the sun.

And after three years of college, I finally have an answer to the questions I asked myself: after meeting people that I so badly wanted to call my friend, the quality of the people I listed above supersedes an arena full of friends. Every moment, every laugh and every tear was encapsulated in a circle of people who hold the key to my very critical heart. Maybe, just maybe, they feel the same way about me; I’d sure hope so.


For those who prefer quality over quantity,


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