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Three Words

Three Words

Nick Garza, Staff Writer April 20, 2021

It’s easy to ruin a good thing. All it takes is three words in a moment of passion or as we hold each other in the stillness of the night. When you realize you’ve finally found a soul worth knowing....

Whole Life Healing Q&A

Whole Life Healing Q&A

Kasandra Parker November 25, 2019

Q: What type of therapy work do you do? A: I am a licensed professional counselor and provide therapy specifically for young ladies 16 and up and adult women who have experienced trauma in childhood...

Big Sis: Never Goodbye, Only See You Later.

Big Sis: Never Goodbye, Only See You Later.

Kimiya Factory November 20, 2019

The time has come. Every laugh, every deadline at The Paisano I’ve had for the past two years has come to a bittersweet end. I reflect on my time at UTSA; the sunny days and rainy days. There were moments...

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Column: Big SisKeep your blinders on

Kimiya Factory September 11, 2019

Sometimes I give up – when somebody is defending rape culture, I am guilty of tuning out. I think to myself, “They’ll never get it.” But over time, I’ve learned that they will – at least...

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Big Sis: Social media & relationships

Kimiya Factory January 23, 2019

As Valentine’s Day approaches, along with the artificial flex of who got roses or taken out to dinner, an interesting and reoccuring conversation that I find prevalent in my life is the correlation between...

women wearing red lipstick and holding a pen

Big Sis: Quality Over Quantity

Kimiya Factory October 2, 2018

#NoNewFriends With the school-spirited football season in full swing this fall semester, meeting people at UTSA is inevitable. Some of my best memories were made with people whose name I had to ask for...

women wearing red lipstick and holding a pen

Big Sis Advice: Shooting your shot

Kimiya Factory September 19, 2018

Have you ever stood in line somewhere and made eye contact with someone? Let me guess: you did a double-take, tried not to stare but ended up anyway, and kicked yourself for not talking to the person as...

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Big Sis Advice: Jealousy

Kimiya Factory September 6, 2018

This week’s topic includes the deal breaker, the end-all-be-all of many relationships: jealousy. Whether you’re in a serious relationship, a situation-ship or just jealous of the girl who talks to...

Choosing a Major? Think With Your Heart!

Choosing a Major? Think With Your Heart!

Rebecca Saenz August 21, 2018

On a sunken cushion in the University Health Professions Office, I shifted with clammy hands, clonking knees and wandering eyes that scoured the room for a way out. Nurses make good money, I reassured...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The Road to Success

Rebecca Saenz June 9, 2018

To the incoming freshmen, welcome to the University of Texas at San Antonio! Like sitting behind the wheel for the first time, your upcoming college experience might excite, stress or scare you. It’s...

Graphic by Chase Otero, The Paisano.

Feeling bad can be a good thing

Justice Lovin June 8, 2017

If you're reading this, then at the very least you're old enough to be touring a college campus, and so you've made it through the worst of your teenage years. You've also probably experienced something...

Sincerely Sara: Is this a bad time?

November 5, 2013

John Flores College is a place of contradictions for some. This is the time and place to learn, but it is also the time to take on more responsibility, which could conflict with studying. We...

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