Softball dominates the Saints in fall game


Photo by Ethan Gullett

Dalton Hartmann

The Roadrunner softball team continued its fall season at home on Friday, Nov. 1, with a 9-0 victory over the Our Lady of The Lake University Saints. The ‘Runners came out swinging and hit a home run on the very first pitch, with a total of four home runs hit in the first three innings. On the other side of the plate, the ‘Runners’ pitching staff had seven shutout innings, which only allowed the Saints two hits.

The ‘Runners’ starting pitcher, junior Madison Nelson, started off strong on the defensive side with two strikeouts and an easy pop fly to bring the top of the first inning to an end. Feeling Nelson’s energy, senior Celeste Loughman hit a homerun on the ‘Runners’ first receiving pitch of the day and led the teams to an early 1-0 lead to finish out the first inning. The second inning seemed like déjà vu with Nelson pitching well and allowing no hits. Junior Victoria Villarreal hit a home run on the first pitch given in the bottom of the second, leading to a 2-0 lead for the ‘Runners.

The third inning allowed for more team involvement with the Saints getting their first hit, but third basemen Madison Washington picked up a bunted ball and made a quick pitch to first base to close the top of the third, allowing no runs. Washington’s energy did not stop there as she hit a home run to start the third inning off, soon followed by sophomore Riley Grunberg hitting another home run. Sophomore Kindell Brooks scored a run after Villarreal hit a ball to the outfield which brought the score to 5-0 ‘Runners. In the bottom of the fourth inning, freshman Gabby Leggington stole a run after a bad pitch was made by the Saints and the return of Loughman, who would also make a fast break for home plate, extending the ‘Runners’ lead to 7-0. The fifth inning continued the streak of not allowing the Saints to score and saw the return of Villarreal, who unfortunately had to take a walk due to the Saints’ pitcher hitting her in the head, but senior Paige Pacher had Villarreal’s back, hitting a home run to bring the ‘Runners their final run, 9-0.

At the top of the sixth inning, sophomore Marena Estell stepped in for Nelson as pitcher, and much like Nelson, she only allowed one hit and no runs. The remainder of the sixth inning had no point value shifts, and the same applies to the seventh with the ‘Runners not having to take the field in the bottom of the seventh due to their lead over the Saints, which would conclude the game 9-0.

The ‘Runners then faced the Texas State Bobcats in their fifth fall game of the season. The ‘Runners claimed the game with three runs to conclude the game, 3-2.

The ‘Runners can be seen again taking on the Alvin Community College Dolphins at Roadrunner Field on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 10 a.m.