2020 census push to increase federal funding


Triston Simpson-Bland

UTSA encouraged students to get involved in the 2020 census at an event on Jan. 23. Census results influence the amount of federal funds disttributed to states and localities.

Breahna Luera, News Editor

UTSA held a 2020 Census Kickoff event on Jan. 23, which informed students about what the census is and encouraged them to count themselves under their UTSA community address.

“It’s important for UTSA students to be counted where they live in school rather than where the rest of their family may live,” Charlin Jones-Chavez, senior associate director for Student Activities, said. “Census data helps the federal government determine how to distribute $600 billion worth of funding at state and local levels including higher education institutions and student aid.”

The 2020 census participants will be counted for population records which are taken into consideration when decisions for federal funding are being made. The census is taken every ten years. In 2010, the recorded Bexar County population was 1,714,773, and the 2020 projected population is 1,958,841.

UTSA plans on getting students involved by using UTSA’s Complete Count Committee.

“The UTSA Complete Count Committee is comprised of staff and students and is responsible for promoting the 2020 census and making sure students understand how the census impacts them and their education,” Jones-Chavez said.