Student jumps from second-story bridge

Josh Peck, News Editor

On Thursday, Feb. 13, the second incident of self-harm UTSA has acknowledged in the past three months — the last occurring in December — took place between the Business Building (BB) and McKinney Humanities Building (MH) when a student jumped off the bridge connecting the buildings.

“Upon arrival [to the scene], officers found the individual lying face down in the breezeway under the bridge,” Chief Communications Officer Joe Izbrand said. “Witnesses told police he had been seen hanging from a rail of the bridge and then letting go, landing feet first on the concrete. He was conscious and alert but in severe pain. Paramedics responded, conducted an evaluation and transported him to an area hospital.”

Due to privacy and information laws, the university could not provide a statement regarding the current status of the individual involved in the incident.

Dean of Students and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs LT Robinson acknowledged the incident via email on the day of the incident and provided information to students about UTSA’s Counseling and Mental Health Services.

“There are counseling services available on campus and our staff is here for you,” Robinson said. “If you or someone you know need some assistance, please contact Counseling and Mental Health Services at 210- 458-4140 and press option 3 to speak to someone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.”