University Oaks, Chisholm Hall release students from Spring 2020 leases

Josh Peck, News Editor

Effective April 1, Chisholm Hall and University Oaks will be releasing students from the remainder of their rent payments after an agreement was made between UTSA and the private company that operates the two housing facilities, Campus Living Villages (CLV). Students who utilized prepaid rent will be reimbursed. Students who were still living in Chisholm Hall or University Oaks will be allowed to stay in their housing at the two locations if they inform CLV that they do not have alternative housing. 

Residents still living on site will be offered an Express Checkout process. Students who are off site will be able to complete a remote checkout process and will not be charged extra for not following standard protocols, but they are still expected to return their keys. 

Residents who have property in their housing will be able to pick it up at a later date up until May 15 or have it shipped to a permanent address. 

CLV has posted move-out instructions for Chisholm Hall and University Oaks.