UTSA official apologizes for ‘insensitive’ email to donors


Robyn Castro

The Main Building and JPL at the UTSA Main Campus. A UTSA official apologized to donors for an email that mentioned both the COVID-19 pandemic and estate planning.

Josh Peck, News Editor

On April 3, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Karl Miller Lugo apologized to UTSA alumni for an earlier email that Senior Executive Director of Gift Planning Kimberly West sent soliciting donations which Miller Lugo called “insensitive.”

West’s email began by describing the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought to UTSA’s community.

“As the spread of the Coronavirus brings a new set of challenges to each day, people continue to adjust and show resilience in remarkable ways,” West said. 

In the following paragraph, West described how donors could choose to include a gift in their will to assist in “tying your philanthropic legacy to [UTSA].”

Miller Lugo apologized for the email later that day. 

“Earlier today you received an email from the UTSA planned giving program that referenced the coronavirus pandemic,” Miller Lugo said. “The content of this email was insensitive and it was sent in error. We sincerely apologize for this mistake.”

Miller Lugo described the problem he saw with West’s email. 

“While our intent was to convey how important it is to continue supporting students and UTSA during these uncertain times, we should not have associated the current health crisis with an estate planning request,” Miller Lugo said.