Laurel Village and Chaparral Village residents can be retested for COVID-19 at no cost


Josh Peck

One of the COVID-19 testing centers is in the Paseo. Residents in university housing can be tested more than once at no cost.

Josh Peck, News Editor

Students living in Laurel Village and Chaparral Village are now allowed to be tested more than once for COVID-19 at no cost, according to an email from Housing and Residence Life (HRL). 17 students have tested positive for COVID-19 since Aug. 24, although it is unclear how many, if any, of those students lived in on-campus housing. 

UTSA’s proactive testing program for students living in university-owned housing is intended to target asymptomatic students. The testing program works on an alternating weekly schedule, with residents in Laurel Village able to be tested one week and residents in Chaparral Village able to be tested the next. Each Monday, HRL sends an email out to the residents eligible to be tested that week. 

As of Oct. 5, six students are currently in isolation or quarantine in on-campus housing. Students in isolation have tested positive for COVID-19. Students in quarantine have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, but they themselves have not presented symptoms or tested positive.