State of the City- February 26,2021

Bella Nieto, News Editor

Local News:

The City of San Antonio’s Public Works Department is predicting an increase in the amount of potholes around the city because of the winter storm in the latter part of last week. The Public Works department explained water takes time to seep down beneath the asphalt and once it does it does it deteriorates from the outside in.  


On Tuesday, Gold-Williams, after hearing the possibility of increased CPS energy bills, said they will pursue federal dollars and work with legislators to keep the cost of power down for consumers. 


In response to outrage over the lack of preparedness from the city in the wake of last weeks winters storms, Mayor Ron Nirenberg announced a new Select Committee on 2021 Winter Storm Preparedness and Response, designed to investigate why the city and utility companies were not better equipped to handle the events of last week. 


On Wednesday, the city launched an Emergency Resource Call Center and website to help San Antonio residents affected by the winter weather. Also on Wednesday, HEB announced it will donate $1 million to support 18 Texas food banks. 




Of the 7,419,305 vaccine doses sent to Texas 3,511,724 have been administered. 12.1% of the population has received their first dose while only 6.1% have been fully vaccinated. In Bexar County, 104,242 people, 5.3% of the population, have received the first dose and 123,738 people, 6.3%  of the population have received both doses. 


 On Thursday night, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez reported 194,736 total COVID-19 cases and 2,514 total deaths in Bexar county. An increase of 404 new cases and 4 deaths were added to the count. In addition, there are 494 hospitalizations, and the positivity rate was inconclusive  because of the lack of testing during the winter storm last week. .