The best places to thrift in SA

Nich Garza, Staff Writer

I’ve made it my life’s work to be a menace to society at every opportunity presented to me. Part of that work is making sure all the other annoying indie kids know good places to thrift in this city as well, so I spent last Thursday, April 1, visiting all the thrift stores I could get to on a quarter tank of gas. These are my favorites.


Thrift City

6804 Huebner Rd San Antonio, TX 78238

This was the first one I visited, and as far as thrift stores go, it checked all my boxes. Neat, organized racks with lots of signs pointing you to specific sections like “women’s sweaters/blouses/activewear.” When I walk into a thrift store, the most I expect are some big signs labeled “MEN” and “WOMEN,” so it was nice to see extra care put into making the store easy to navigate. You can find just about anything in a thrift store, but you’ll actually be able to find what you’re looking for specifically here. If you’re looking for a cheap date with someone you don’t have to impress, you can grab dinner at the Dollar Tree next door. If you’ve got a little more disposable income, you might consider checking out the nearby massage parlor before you head in. Thrift City is the version of Goodwill that only exists in my rose-tinted memories of those wonderful dirty stores.

Nich Garza
Thrift City clothing racks (Nich Garza)

Texas Thrift

6776 Ingram Rd San Antonio, TX 78238

I mean, it’s Texas Thrift; what more can I say? I’d rank it adjacent to Goodwill if it weren’t for the fact that I just like being in this shop more. Call it an opinion, but the vibes in this store are far nicer than in any Goodwill I’ve been to. The racks are messy; it’s crowded; the fluorescent lights are blindingly uglyyet, there’s no place I’d rather shop for used clothes. I see the signs posted all around the store that read, “Shop Smart, Have a Heart, Stay 6 Feet Apart,” and I know I’m home. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but it has a certain charm that’s hard to ignore. I was looking for a jacket while I was there, and though they have an aisle dedicated solely to men’s coats and knits, I couldn’t find anything smaller than a large. Not much fun for me, but a better-built man could have a field day here. It’s also a great spot for a first date, and I’m not the only one who knows that. It’s nice to see lots of other couples walking around whenever I take someone there myself. Lastly, I’ll briefly mention the non-clothing goods they have for sale. When I was there, I noticed a large selection of adult diapers for sale. I don’t know how common it is for thrift stores to carry hygiene products, but the diapers had half an aisle all to themself. Whether you’re in the market for an unreasonable amount of diapers or you’re just looking for a pleasant thrifting experience, make sure to check out Texas Thrift.

Nich Garza
Texas Thrift clothing racks (Nich Garza)

The Vaulti

1621 N Main Ave San Antonio, TX 78212

If you’re looking for a unique thrifting experience in San Antonio, you’re looking for The Vaulti. Walking in, you’ll immediately notice it’s different from most other thrift stores-the entire storefront is contained in a single room, about the size of the Subway next door; but within that inconspicuous strip mall is a vibrant store full of life and youth. The room is decorated with posters and art gathered from years of second-hand buying on their part, and it contributes a lot to the sense that this space was designed by and for lovers of thrifting. Here you’ll find pieces ranging anywhere in price from a $20 fleece sweater to a $300 out of print t-shirt, so you won’t leave with the same kind of haul you can get for the same price at another thrift store. That being said, the clothing they sell is unique, and they do have sales on a pretty regular basis. On March 27, they had a “five-dollar sale,” where every t-shirt on the floor was only five bucks. They have sales like that once or twice a month, so you can still find something interesting there without going broke. If you want to impress your friends with a fun hole-in-the-wall thrift store they didn’t know about (or just experience it for yourself), The Vaulti is a thrift store you don’t want to miss.

Nich Garza