Behind the brushstrokes: San Antonio artist Elexis Hernandez showcases at First Friday

Elexis Hernandez posing beside her painting “Insomnia.”

Kaitlyn Rosas

Elexis Hernandez posing beside her painting “Insomnia.”

Kaitlyn Rosas, Assistant Multimedia Editor

San Antonio artist, Elexis (Alex) Hernandez,  21, is a creative beyond her years. Elexis has  been drawn to the craft for as long as she can remember. As an alumni of the North East School of the Arts, she was given platform to strengthen in her craft, feature in galleries and profit off her works. Her current collection Ghost Stories was showcased at the South Town Blue Star Arts Complex at First Friday on April 2, 2021. Elexis participated in a Q&A with The Paisano to discuss her journey as an artist, how her past has given life to inspiration, the connection to her  pieces and openly shares how her mental health journey has inspired her current collection.  


Elexis Hernandez posing beside her painting “Insomnia.” (Kaitlyn Rosas)

Q: What is your background as an artist?  

A: I’ve started creating art ever since I could pick up a pencil. I always knew I wanted a career as an artist  but didn’t truly start pursuing the idea of my career until the late years of middle school when I  considered and applied to NESA (thank you mom). I had a reputation in elementary and middle school  as the go to artist as I was always at art events and various competitions which helped a lot. NESA  helped me expand my reputation in San Antonio as I was also featured in a couple of galleries and sold  various pieces. It also helped enhance and grow my artwork into what it is today. I had to take a current, almost 2-year gap, after graduating due to sudden changes and trauma. My mental health had turned to ashes and I was borderline suicidal. After almost a year, despite having my good and bad days, I’ve  progressed into a healthier mentality. These experiences are what inspired Ghost Stories and has  become my current most popular collection in my art career. 


Q: Who inspires you in your art and as an evolving artist? 

A: A majority of my art is inspired by experiences, music, and people. I also do a lot of research for each  piece I create such as looking for a specific style and/or specific artist that can help me find a clearer direction in my works. Music has been my main comrade of inspiration for my current works. Mainly alternative and oldies have brought me creativity. 


Q: What is your favorite piece that you have created? 

A: I don’t typically have a favorite piece. Especially for Ghost Stories, as I struggle to really fall in love  with my works because while everyone really enjoys them (I appreciate very much) I’m constantly at war  with my artworks. The reason for that is because all my trauma and vulnerability are spoken through  and it makes me uncomfortable and weary. I’ve been with this collection for 2 years in my home and I never have given the thought on favoritism. Each piece carries their own significance and story about my life,  it’s up to the audience to choose their favorite. 

Kaitlyn Rosas


Q: Growing out of your teens and into your twenties, do you feel your art has grown with you, or that you’ve grown because of your art?  

A: The answer is both as being an artist and making art are a journey together. As you grow and  experience, your works will change as well with you. I’ve learned lessons through my art and try to grow  everyday as a person and artist. 


Q: What do you want your art to say to others?

A: I want my art to be talked about, questioned, and be topics most people aren’t comfortable speaking  about. I find controversy with my artworks makes it all more interesting. As some people will take  offense to certain things in my art, to each their own. I want my art to comfort those who also have  mental health experiences as I do and know that it’s okay to openly talk about it, along with the  struggles we don’t show to the public. They need to know that there are people out there who  understand them. Awareness is important as society is becoming increasingly both open and critical. 

Kaitlyn Rosas

Q: Why is art important to you? How would you describe your connection to your pieces? 

A: Art is important to me as it is my stability and lifestyle. It has been one of my reasons that I still strive  to live. I tend to have a hard time expressing my feelings or thoughts clearly and art helps me  communicate and cope.  The connection to my pieces is that they all come from my personal experiences and inspiration from  myself or others. Every artwork I create always takes a piece of me. As my current works represent my  mental health and the part of my life, details I tend to keep to myself and those close to me. I know the  detailed stories to my pieces, but I let the audience decide how they want to interpret or relate.

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