UTSA requires testing for students showing symptoms of COVID-19

Bella Nieto, News Editor

When UTSA announced its temporary switch to virtual learning for most courses, the university also announced a mandatory COVID-19 testing requirement that would be implemented for UTSA students. 

The latest phase in UTSA’s testing program will begin on August 30 for UTSA Housing residents and for all students on September 13, when students are expected to return to in-person classes. 

The Welcome Back Testing Program first launched as students moved in,ingrained into the move-in process for UTSA housing residents. The program was implemented to aid the university in discerning the level of spread on campus, identifying asymptomatic cases and refine the university’s strategy for the campus wide-testing program.

UTSA-affiliated testing locations are free to students and also allow the UTSA COVID-19 Response Team to offer guidance to positive cases. Testing is provided Monday through Friday at the HEB Student Union. For downtown students, testing is available at the Buena Vista Building, Monday through Thursday.  Students are asked to submit a COVID-19 self-report if they test positive, or a case referral if they know anyone who has tested positive or been exposed.