Downtown San Antonio’s ‘Hopscotch Art Gallery’

‘Hopscotch’ proves to be an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts


Kuflux. “Quantum Space.” Photo by Alanna Pitre.

Alanna Pitre, Contributing Writer

Hopscotch emerged onto the Downtown scene in October of 2020. Its location in Travis Park Plaza, near various notorious San Antonian landmarks, makes it a hotspot for visitors of all ages in search of immersive fun. 

By showcasing a blend of local, national and international artists, Hopscotch displays a diverse selection of creative, large-scale installations; many of which are rooted in sustainability and empowerment. The periodic rotation of art exhibits guarantees that even returning visitors are given a fresh experience.

One of the first things to take note of whilst entering the venue is its attention to detail. The queue outside of the actual artwork is an experience on its own. Everything from the stairwell to the restroom is decked out in abstract pattern work and paintings. The aesthetic of it all combined with the ambiance of upbeat music kept everyone entertained, whilst simultaneously preparing them for what was to ensue.

Kuflux. “Symbiosis.” Photo by Alanna Pitre.

Once the reservation time came up, visitors were led down to the basement where many of the installations were tucked away. Each piece was separated by dark corridors. Like most galleries, Hopscotch is self-paced, allowing for visitors to dedicate their time towards whatever sparks their interest.

The visit was kicked off by plunging into an ultraviolet ball pit. It was reminiscent of playing in the Ikea playground as a kid, only far superior due to its purple-y luminescence and tranquil aura. Themes of experiential technological innovation and multi-sensory interaction are prevalent within the pieces; thereby, ensuring that the art is easy for an eclectic audience to consume.

Afterwards, visitors cruised through the rest of the colorful, illusive exhibits, each presenting a new medium through which observers could become a ‘part of the art.’ Whether it be playing into the five senses or requiring guests to input their own imaginative touch, each of the exhibits presented unique opportunities for immersion. There was also a plethora of photo and video opportunities.

A work entitled “Rainbow Cave” was particularly interesting. The artist, Basia Goszczynska, assembled the ‘cave’ using 40,000 salvaged plastic bags which is the equivalent of the number of bags used every two and a half minutes in Texas. Not only was it visually appealing but it also provided some food for thought, as its purpose was to raise environmental awareness. 

Basia Goszczynska. “Rainbow Cave.” Photo by Alanna Pitre

The Hopscotch art gallery serves as a bewildering experience that is bound to be enjoyed amongst family and friends. Along with being stunning to the eye, it encourages a much-needed introspection that all should experience.