State of the City — Week of 10/04/2022

Gauri Raje and Dafny Flores

The Air Force Times reported that about 150 personnel at Joint Base San Antonio are being moved from Liberty Barracks after legionella, a bacteria causing a serious type of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ Disease, was discovered in the water system. To combat the discovery, Liberty Barracks will undergo “super chlorination.” 

A man has been charged with money laundering after TSA agents at San Antonio International Airport discovered nearly $162,000 in cash in his possession. According to a report from News4SA, the cash was swabbed by investigators and came back positive for traces of marijuana. It is believed that the arrested man, 21-year-old Alberto Gonzales, was traveling to California to buy marijuana with the money.

The San Antonio Zoo is working on a project to ensure horned lizards do not become an extinct species in the state of Texas. TPR reports that the Zoo has been hatching baby horned lizards and releasing them in select Hill Country ranches. 

According to, the latest Drought Monitor, released on Thursday, Sept. 29, indicates that drought of extreme (3/4) to exceptional (4/4) has expanded east of I-35, including into portions of Bexar County. This comes amid a lack of “beneficial” rainfall in South Central Texas, and the lack of rain is expected to persist. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, CPS Energy workers departed from San Antonio, heading for Jacksonville to assist the community with technical issues. Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday afternoon. The Category 4 hurricane impacted the state with heavy damage, electricity issues and a rise in the death toll. Rescuers continued to work to restore power and homes for the community. 

Santikos Entertainment is offering $5 movie tickets for teachers, healthcare workers and first responders from Sept. 30 to Oct. 19. Tickets must be bought at a theater box office with a valid I.D. The offer excludes 3-D, D-Box, I-Max and A-V-X films.