New transfer program will allow students to transfer from AlamoPROMISE program to UTSA’s Bold Promise Program


Courtesy of Alamo Colleges

The new Promise-to-Promise program, which builds on the Partnership between UTSA and Alamo Colleges, was announced during an event at the Alamo Colleges District Support Operations Building.

Gauri Raje, News Editor

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, UTSA announced that it will partner with the Alamo Colleges District to build on existing programs aimed at providing a “more seamless transfer pathway between the two institutions.”

The new Promise-to-Promise program is offered to students who transfer from any of the Alamo Colleges to UTSA. Under the program, students can start at any of the five Alamo Colleges and transfer to UTSA to complete their four-year degrees. Throughout their time at both institutions, educational costs for students enrolled in the AlamoPROMISE program will be covered as they transition to UTSA’s Bold Promise Program, and they will be eligible to have their tuition and fees covered for up to two academic years at UTSA.

The new program is being piloted this fall and will be available to eligible students admitted to UTSA in Fall 2023.

The new partnership builds on the existing Alamo On-TRAC partnership established in 2018 and the Alamo Runners program, which has existed since 2015. 

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