Spurs Tre Jones and Twitch streamer SypherPK donate to Methodist Children’s Hospital

Luke Lawhorn, Sports Editor

Spurs point guard Tre Jones teamed up with Spurs Give and donated a Gamers Outreach Kart (GO Kart) to the Methodist Children’s Hospital on Thursday, Dec. 1. 

After playing a game on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City and dropping 15 points, Jones flew back to San Antonio to spread some holiday cheer to patients at the children’s hospital. Spurs Give, the official nonprofit organization of the Spurs Sports and Entertainment, hosted the event which allowed Jones and popular Twitch and YouTube streamer SypherPK the opportunity to give back to the children by donating gaming consoles and playing with the patients.

Amongst Jones being two months into the NBA season and SypherPK streaming on multiple platforms daily, the two wanted to spread joy in their community. As Jones is passionate about gaming, the two know best that playing video games can be an outlet for the children as they can laugh, be creative and connect with others.

“This is very special. To be able to give back to the community honestly means a lot,” Jones said.

The two stood with the iconic San Antonio mascot, the Spurs Coyote, in front of the patients to host a brief donation ceremony and unveil the console to the children. Then, Jones and SypherPK split up, each playing with three or four patients in the popular game Fortnite.

SypherPK held a Twitch livestream for the patients, played with several children and won two Victory Royales. As of last month, the streamer had the 19th most followed channel on Twitch. The gaming entertainer is from Austin and fell in love with Spurs basketball after meeting Tim Duncan in a grocery store.

“Tre is actually a fan of my content,” SypherPK said. “So, I am a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, he’s a fan of my content, and we decided to team up.”

The Austin native has helped out with the Spurs before and did not hesitate to make the trip to give back to San Antonio. His love for gaming and his passion for basketball allowed SypherPK the opportunity to see smiles on children’s faces, giving him the ultimate inspiration.

“It’s always really inspiring for me personally because I make videos and I see comments on my videos with just a username but not a face behind it. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and not associate that they are people. But once you meet them in person and you see the effect that you have, it gives me a lot of motivation,” SypherPK said.

Being a star basketball player in San Antonio makes Jones seem like an untouchable figure. With the children seeing San Antonio’s starting point guard and being able to have fun gives the patients hope and strength in their not ideal situations.

“They don’t deserve to be in this position,” Jones said. “They didn’t ask for this or do anything to be put in this position, so just to be able to bring joy to the kids while we’re here means the most to me.”

After Jones and SypherPK played with the children, the two went into each patient’s room to give kind words and give each patient time to take photos and converse.

“It’s good to get away [from basketball], and this just kind of puts it all into perspective,” Jones said. “A lot of the time, we get caught up in our jobs and our day-to-day lives and the struggles we are going through. But doing things like this definitely puts our lives into perspective.”