Both ethical and economical

Lauren Hernandez, Contributor

Hash Vegan Eats serves as a striking contrast to much of San Antonio. When I arrived on a Friday afternoon there was a rowdy event going on across the street that was typical of most South Texas gatherings. Beer was being poured, BBQ was being served and streets were lined with people waiting for their fix. But Hash Vegan Eats, a vegan restaurant and non-alcoholic bar on the Southside of San Antonio, stands out as a truly unique restaurant and experience, especially against the backdrop of festivals like these. Roger Sanchez, co-owner of the restaurant, explained that Hash is built upon the foundation of “being both ethical and economical.” This concept is shown in every detail of Hash Vegan Eats, from the reusable straw in my water cup to the group of teenagers playing Mario Kart on couches in the back of the restaurant.

Hash Vegan Eats was supposed to have its grand opening in March 2020 but pushed it to October because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When discussing opening up his own vegan restaurant, Sanchez explained that “it’s just a natural thing, you know? That’s just how we wanted to run a business.” Because Sanchez and his brother had managed several restaurants and bars in the past, they took notice of and disagreed with many of the practices in the restaurant community. They did not want to be a business that told people to “get out of here!” Just because they were homeless or struggling. Sanchez’s goal with Hash was to create a safe space for everyone in San Antonio, and he explained that as a recovering addict himself, if he had access to a place such as Hash Vegan Eats in his early years of recovery, getting help would have been much easier. 

Although Hash Vegan Eats has a no-alcohol policy, their non-alcoholic cocktails truly legitimize Hash Vegan Eats as a bar. Because of this, Sanchez believes it is essential to host events as any bar would. During nights like the Venus Twins show, where a hundred kids are standing outside moshing to the music and another twenty are inside warming up, drinking tea and mocktails, it is evident that Hash Vegan Eats is not only a bar, but a staple in many communities and scenes around San Antonio. Hash has hosted punk, metal and hip-hop shows, Dungeons & Dragons matches, market days and more. They are always willing to collaborate with people and help them host their next event to benefit the community. 

When I asked Sanchez about success, he explained that he is “just always striving to be better.” He is proud of what he has done for San Antonio, and he believes that “San Antonio is more ready for things than we give it credit for.” When his restaurant is always busy and he wakes up to news articles about what he is doing for his community, it reassures him that he is indeed on the right path. 

At this point in the interview, Sanchez looked over at the chaotic event down the street, saying, “it’s so crazy over there; it gives me so much anxiety,” but sitting in Hash Vegan Eats, surrounded by art from local artists and delicious smelling food, it is safe to say that a restaurant where “no alcohol is poured and no animals are killed” is a welcome change to San Antonio.

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