College of Business part of Princeton Review’s best on-campus MBA list


UTSA Courtesy Photo

Business professor Daniel J. Davied lectures his M.B.A. class in business foundations.

Gauri Raje, News Editor

The Alvarez College of Business was part of the Princeton Review’s recent list of “Best Business Schools.” UTSA was mentioned in the “best on-campus MBA list,” which included the names of universities without providing any rankings. Within this “cohort” of 243 business schools, the top 10 schools for 18 different categories are also listed.

In order to develop the list, the Princeton Review invited universities to participate in the process. 

Our best on-campus MBA list is based on a combination of institutional and student survey data, including career outcomes, admissions selectivity, and academic rigor, among others,” The Princeton Review website states.

“If the universities are interested in participating, they receive a series of questionnaires, where the institution provides information depending on the question,” Francisco Marquez, assistant dean of graduate studies and research, said. “Based on that, comparing that information to other schools, they give their rankings.”

UTSA’s MBA degree program provides students with flexibility as they pursue their studies. 

“Our MBA Program is unique in the sense that it is a program designed to serve the community in San Antonio,” Marquez said. “It’s a program designed to serve the institutional objectives [of UTSA as a Hispanic Serving Institution] … we try to accommodate all backgrounds, all the specific needs from the students. It’s a very diverse program.”

“It’s very convenient for young professionals that have families because they can go to school from Monday through Thursday, and they get some time to do extra activities during the weekend [and] they get time for their families,” Marquez said. 

The MBA program offers several concentrations, including finance, marketing, project management and real estate, finance and development. Other graduate degrees offered by the Alvarez College of Business include a Master of Accountancy, an M.A. in Economics and several M.S. degrees. 

Marquez discusses ways that the program is evolving to better suit the needs of students.

“The program takes into consideration the feedback that we receive from our graduates and from our alumni,” Marquez said. “We try to adapt always and have a curriculum that is up to date to the needs of the market. Faculty members are constantly reviewing the curriculum to keep it updated, and [we] explore all [the] options to augment opportunities to teach the students.”

“It’s a constant process that we have here on a yearly basis. [We] get feedback and incorporate that feedback on an annual basis,” Marquez added.