A ‘Momento’ to remember

Riley Carroll, Arts & Life Editor

For the first time in five years, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees of Depeche Mode are back on the road. The band’s Momento Mori World Tour will make stops across North America and Europe for 10 months from March to December. Though Depeche Mode’s primetime was arguably in the 1980s, their gig at the AT&T Center in San Antonio on April 2 was packed with 19,000 people, including die-hard fans from their beginnings and newer fans alike. 

The legendary duo of singer Dave Gahan and guitarist Martin Gore was supported by drummer Christian Eigner along with Peter Gordeno on keys and vocals, making for a stellar performance and blast from the past. Their set consisted of the perfect blend of the band’s newer tracks from their 2023 “Momento Mori” album mixed with their most recognizable hits like “Never Let Me Down Again,” which was recently featured on HBO Max’s hit series, “The Last of Us.”

Throughout their set, Gahan spun around the stage at least once per song, arms spread wide, which elicited a light chuckle from me. The band’s stage presence, visuals and lighting were entertaining but lacked fan interaction — perhaps this is simply how they did it in the 80s.

As someone who grew up around their parents’ love for Depeche Mode, experiencing their live performance from the photo pit fully converted me into a second-generation fan.

For more information about Depeche Mode, visit their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or website. Depeche Mode’s newest album, “Momento Mori,” is available alongside the rest of their discography on all major streaming platforms.