Where to find menstrual hygiene products on campus

Jessica McLaren, Assistant News Editor

With more than 34,000 students enrolled at UTSA, access to free menstrual hygiene products is crucial to supporting student success.

“Wellbeing Services has our menstrual hygiene initiative at the top of our list of ways to better the health and wellbeing of our UTSA students, staff and faculty,” UTSA Wellbeing Education Coordinator Jamie Singh said. “[In addition to supplying menstrual hygiene products,] we have staff in our Wellbeing Services Office who can provide assistance or lend an ear to our students to ensure we have their needs and input in mind.”

Seven dispensers on UTSA’s main campus provide period products like tampons and sanitary napkins at no cost to students. The dispensers are located in women’s and gender-neutral restrooms inside the John Peace Library, throughout the Student Union and in the Multidisciplinary Studies building. 

John Peace Library (JPL)

An acrylic dispenser can be found in the women’s restroom (JPL 4.03.02) on the fourth floor of the JPL. To reach this restroom, take the JPL elevator to the fourth floor and exit to the left. 

Student Union (Bookstore Building)

In the bookstore building, there are dispensers in the women’s restrooms on both floors. On the first floor, the dispenser is located inside the women’s restroom (SU 1.02.18) beside the information desk near the north entrance. 

On the second floor, the dispenser can be found in the women’s restroom (SU 2.02.17) across from the

Willow Room and the Student Affairs Office. If you are entering the Student Union from the McKinney Humanities breezeway, the restrooms are located on the right-hand side when facing the stairwell. 

Student Union (Food Court Building)

In the food court building, there are two dispensers located in the gender-neutral restrooms on each floor. On the first floor, the restroom (SU 1.01.09) is located behind the Ski Lodge between Panda Express and Freebirds. 

On the second floor, the restroom (SU 2.01.18) is located between Student Conduct and Community Services and the Oak Room. To access this restroom, take a left after reaching the second floor using the stairwell inside of the Ski Lodge.

H-E-B Student Union (HSU)

There is an additional dispenser on the first floor of the H-E-B Student Union, located inside of a gender-neutral restroom (HSU 1.206). This restroom can be found down the hall from the Student Activities Complex. 

Multidisciplinary Studies (MS) Building

Finally, there is an acrylic dispenser located in the women’s restroom (MS 2.02.08) on the ground floor of the MS building. This restroom can be accessed from the leftmost entrance of the Central Plaza.

However, Wellbeing Services would like to remind students that these dispensers should be used for emergencies and that stocked products are contingent on supply. 

“Have patience with us if the dispensers are empty, as we may run into product shortages or other unexpected circumstances,” Singh said.

If you cannot find a dispenser stocked with product, visit the Whataburger Resource Room (SU 1.04.06) located directly inside the Student Union north entrance. The Whataburger Resource Room may also be able to provide more sustainable options if supplies allow, such as a personal box of menstrual hygiene products like tampons or sanitary napkins.

Furthermore, Wellbeing Services has expressed interest in installing an additional dispenser and is open to suggestions as to where it should be placed. Students can submit ideas and suggestions via email.

Additional locations where students may be able to obtain menstrual hygiene products during operating hours include the Wellbeing Services office, located on the first floor of the Student Union (SU 1.02.04), as well as the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) and Wellness 360 (RWC 1.500).

If you are interested in donating menstrual hygiene products to support UTSA’s menstrual hygiene initiatives, contact Wellbeing Services or visit their main office (SU 1.02.04), open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.