State of the City — Week of 4/25

Gauri Raje, News Editor



On Friday, April 21, students at the IDEA Harvey E. Najim school, joined by parents, walked out of class to participate in a protest for teachers. KENS5 reported that, according to students, over 10 teachers have left the school since the start of the school year. Furthermore, students blame school leadership for this “teacher exodus.” During the protest, some students held up posters in solidarity with teachers while other signs called for new leadership. 


According to the San Antonio Fire Department, a lightning strike reportedly caused a fire in a small attic at a home on the city’s West side. KSAT 12 reports that the fire occurred “just before 7 a.m. in the 8000 block of Widgeon Street near Cable Ranch Road” and was extinguished by firefighters. 


San Antonio resident Barry Bartlett, 74, recently finished walking the popular city-wide trail system. Bartlett, who goes by the name “footwalker,” started his journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. The system, which runs for a total of 100 miles, is a “growing network of paved multi-use trails connected to many parks in the city,” reports. Former Mayor Howard W. Peak spearheaded the project in the early 2000s, and the city recently celebrated the milestone of completing 100 miles. 


Based on crime statistics presented by the San Antonio Police Department to the city’s Public Safety Committee last week, vehicle thefts have increased to 4,300 from January of this year to March, reports. This is an approximately 60% increase compared to the same period last year. Additionally, the three most stolen car models are Hyundai Elantras, Ford F-Series and Kia Optimas.