President Eighmy releases budget updates regarding 88th Texas Legislature

Jessica McLaren, News Editor

Earlier this week, President Eighmy provided a series of budget updates for the 2024-25 biennium based on the outcomes of the 88th Texas Legislature, particularly HB1.

This year’s legislative session, which began in January of this year, boasted a record budget surplus of $32.7 billion. At the start of the session, Texas’ top six public higher education systems proposed an initiative that would freeze in-state tuition and some fees throughout the biennium in exchange for a $1 billion investment aimed at alleviating the financial strain on higher education institutions. However, these appropriations were contingent on the passage of SB17, which would prohibit diversity, equity and inclusion programs, and SB8, which sought to codify university tenure programs.

HB1, commonly referred to as the General Appropriations Bill, passed with SB17 and SB18, though it only reflects about 70% of the affordability investment. 

Out of $700 million in allocations, UTSA is slated to receive about $71 million in appropriations and an additional $6 million in supplemental funding. This brings UTSA’s total biennial allocations for 2024-25 to roughly $363 million. Included in these allocations is a $20 million increase to formula general revenue funding and a $13 million increase to Hazelwood legacy reimbursements over the biennium. The budget increases also account for a $5.7 million cap increase in higher education group insurance. 

The Legislature eliminated the National Research University Fund and established a $3 billion Texas University Fund to serve the University of Houston, Texas Tech University, the University of North Texas and Texas State University. The University of Texas System is not eligible for participation in this fund. In addition, the Legislature renamed the Core Research Support Fund, which contributed to UTSA’s Carnegie R1 classification, to the National Research Support Fund and the UT system was asked to match its funding. The projected increase in funding for UTSA is roughly $33.6 million, which will be allocated over the biennium.

Moreover, HB1 includes an $84 million increase in statewide funds for the Texas Grants program, a one-time allocation of $2 million for UTSA’s San Antonio Life Sciences Initiative and a $4 million supplemental appropriation for the Texas B-On-Time program, a former loan program which is now being reimbursed.

More detailed information on the budget amendments can be found in President Eighmy’s email to UTSA staff and faculty, available at