UTSA Blvd. Closing

Construction on UTSA Blvd. is scheduled to start in February 2014 stretching from Ximenes Drive to Valero way. The construction will widen the road from both points and will take approximately 18 months to finish.

The construction, which was originally scheduled to begin next month, is a project of the Texas Department of Transportation, not of UTSA. Consequently, many UTSA students who travel between Ximenes Drive and Valero Way will have to find an alternative route to campus, as that section of the road will be completely blocked off.

UTSA Blvd. is the main route for many students and faculty to get to campus, and the road blockage will only add to the already congested route.

UTSA junior Layne Bolton commented on the upcoming construction: “I just hope the traffic won’t slow down the bus routes to campus.”

Alternative points of entry to UTSA Main Campus during the construction period will include: Barshop Blvd, Brenan Ave, and La Cantera Parkway, feeding from the 1604 access road. Valero Way can also be accessed from the 1604 access road to enter the East Campus Dr. entrance.

Despite the other entrances to Main Campus that will be available during the construction period, congestion will almost certainly increase. To better prepare students for traffic delays, the university parking department has provided a map of alternative routes and roads.