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UTSA opens new off-road race track

UTSA opens new off-road race track

Jade Cuevas

April 5, 2017

Get your overcompensating trucks, Ford Mustangs, precarious Jeeps and extremely-old, oh-god-please-start cars ready. UTSA has just opened a new off-roading race track along UTSA Boulevard. The news finally provides an answer as to what has been going on with the piles of dirt and construction equipment tha...

UTSA Blvd. Closing

October 8, 2013

Construction on UTSA Blvd. is scheduled to start in February 2014 stretching from Ximenes Drive to Valero way. The construction will widen the road from both points and will take approximately 18 months to finish. The construction, which was originally scheduled to begin next month, is a project of the...